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Everything changes when you start looking at your life as a business. from the way you spend, to the way you go about earning to the people that enter your life, it's all related.

Making the wrong choices in any one of those areas can cost you years that you could have been using to make progress towards your financial stability and overall wellbeing. 

I started in business after working at a Jewish bakery and also painting part time for a local painting company.


I accidentally touched a customer's canvas awning with some paint and the customer was furious. the subcontractor I was working with at the time told me that the contractor isn't happy and I'm going to have to be left off the crew.


I started scouring the net for a way to make some extra income, overtime my searching grew more aggressive. Around this time, I met my now wife, Angela, and we started dating. I only had one job at the time, but I knew there was more in me. 


Anyways I started getting small paint jobs here and there as Angie used to tell me to try that. Though I was grateful, my Bakery job was not sustainable, and I knew I had to find a better way. In August, I signed up with a lead generation company to get some more painting jobs. I started earning a little extra cash and tried to generate some income while she continued to encourage me, which I appreciated at the time. All this was in the midst of the pandemic 2020.


By November of that year, we both came up with a company name and registered the painting business. By December the same year, we made $10,000 in revenue. Not a whole lot but coming off a job lost it was still something.

2021 was the first full year in business for the painting company. Our sights are set on growing gradually, we also just registered two new companies which are subsidiaries of AX Capital. The "AX" in AX Capital stands for Angela and Xavier, my wife and I.

Angie has been a great support, with all her connections and resources combined with my research skills and brain power we achieved so much in such a short time. Angie is dope I tell you, she is a tough businesswoman, she has her soft side too which makes her very dynamic.

Both of us have great goals for the future of our companies, and we are serious about seeing the continued success of each. We want to keep building and supporting each other going forward, we are learning so much, and we want to help others gain some of the knowledge we have acquired so far.


                                                                                                             - Xavier

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